The popular sunny shore at Muttom is placed something like 16 kms from Nagercoil and 32 kms from Kanyakumari. Muttom is renowned for its delightful arranging and high shakes dunking into the ocean at the shore side. The sun set perspective point at Muttom is a standout amongst the most Panoramic perspective focuses in the area. An alternate fascination of Muttom is the extremely old beacon constructed by the British. However so far this wonderful sunny shore has dependably been hazardous for the voyagers since the rocks on which travelers go to see the ocean perspective are elusive and various deadly mishaps have happened over the recent years. The area organization, chose to put defensive stainless steel fencing over the whole risky territories furthermore to set up little open cottages at the rock tops for the visitors to sit and watch the huge ocean waves relaxed with assurance from sun and downpour. The fencing work and the little cabins have as of now been finished to the joy of the vacationers who crowd the shore in hundreds amid week closes. Sitting seats have likewise been built around for the senior citizens to gab, unwind and delight in the sun set. Seeing the reaction of the voyagers, the region organization has endorsed for the development of a can complex, a little shopping complex and a kids' park at an expense of Rs.11.60 lakhs and there are arrangements to embrace figure - works over the rocks to add to the feel of the territory.


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