Thiruvalluvar is the interminable artist of Tamil Nadu and has given to the world Thirukkural. The remembrance statue of Thiruvalluvar is in Kanyakumari. The platform of the statue is of 38 feet tallness and the statue over it is 95 feet tall with an excellent aggregate of 133 feet for the whole figure. The 3 level platform known as Atharapeedam is encompassed by a masterful Mandapa known as Alankara Mandapam with 38 feet stature. Encompassing the Alankara Mandapa stand 10 elephant statues connoting 8 headings with earth and space down. The father of Sri. Rama, the saint of Ramayana was called Dasaratha as he could charioteer in ten headings. To help the vacationers to love the blessed feet of Thiruvalluvar 140 steps are built inside the Mandapa. The platform with a stature of 38 feet speaks to the 38 sections in the Book of Aram in Thirukural and the statue of 95 feet on the platform speaks to the aggregate parts in Porul (70 parts) and Inbam (25 Chapters). Subsequently the statue typically, and creatively means that the topic of Porul and Inbam are focused around Aram. Visting Hours -8 AM To 4 PM .

Dr. V. Ganapathy Sthapathi

Stature of the statue of Thiruvalluvar  -  95 feet

Aggregate bits of stones used for the statue  -  1283

Weight of the statue  - 2000 tons

Stature of the Athaara Peedam  -  38 feet

Aggregate bits of stone used  -  672

Weight of the stones in the Peedam  -  1500 tons

All out tallness of the landmark  -  133 feet

Stature of the Alankara-Mandapam -  38 feet

Aggregate bits of stones used for the Mandapam - 1726

Weight of the stones in the Mandapam  -  3500 tons

Aggregate weight of the entire structure  -  7000 tons

Number of steps upward  -  70

Number of steps descending  -  70


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