VATTAKOTTAI (Agasteeswaram Taluk): Vattakottai, a stone fortress six kilometers north-east of Kanyakumari cape, structures the terminal of a line of bulwarks known as the South Tranvancore lines constructed by Marthanda Varma to serve as barrier for Nanjil Nadu. It is rectangular fit as a fiddle and spreads a zone of about three and a half sections of land. The post is encased by dividers 25 to 26 feet high, including the parapet, 29 feet thick at the front, 18 feet at the corners and 6 feet at the back. The parcel running into the range is the most firmly fabricated undertext Box: the requests of De Lannoy amid the rule of Mathandavarma (1729-58). About 1810 A.d. the British compels under the summon of St. Leger walked into Nanjilnad through the Aramboly pass and pulverized the barrier lines. The little waterway by the side of the post, and the green vegetation all around add to the landscape of the fortress and has now turned into an occasion resort and cookout focus.

It is said that there is a tram or passage something like four feet width, expected to associate the padmanabhapuram royal residence. Presently the shaft has been shut. On the northern side of the stronghold is discovered a slop to being the group from the lower to the upper piece of the parapet of the fortress. There is well of about 6' breadth. The entire divider around the post is repaired and crisp mortar is constantly connected. Abstract or epigraphical proofs are not in store to know much about Vattakotai. Notwithstanding, from the proof left by the post itself, it may be assumed that his fortification was the army installation to secure the Kumari port which was a rich pearl harbor. Since the symbol of the Pandya Kings was "Fish" and we discover this token in a percentage of the spots of the fortress, it might be securely inferred that the Pandya Kings had control over this fortification for at some point.

Beside Vattakottai, we can see the hints of a beacon in Leepuram being called so after Colonel Lee who has pulverized the majority of the Kadukkarai Kanyakumari Fort in 1806. This is a cookout recognize, the ocean is quiet and suitable for showering.


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