Vivekananda Rock Memorial is an alternate place in Kanyakumari which draws in vast number of voyagers. As its name intimates, it is basically a hallowed landmark, manufactured by the Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee to recognize the visit of Swamy Vivekananda to "Shripada Parai" amid 24th, 25th and 26th December 1892 for profound reflection and edification.

From exceptionally old times, the rock has been viewed as holy place. In Puranic convention, it has been known as "Sripada Parai: significance the shake, that has been honored by the touch of Shripada feet of the Goddess.on the rock, is a projection comparable in structure to a human post and a bit earthy in appearance, which has generally, been venerated as an image of Shripadam. As indicated by legend, it was on this shake that Goddess Kanyakumari did Tapas.

The remembrance comprises of two principle structures, viz (i) Vivekananda Mandapam and (ii) Shripada Mandapam.

Vivekananda Mandapam:- This 180'-11 " X 56' Mandapam comprises of (1) Dhyana Mandapam, i.e., Meditation Hall with six adjoining rooms (2) Sabha Mandapam or the Assembly Hall including Pralima Mandapam (statue segment) two rooms, a hallway and an open Prakaram round the Sabha Mandapam (30 Mukha Mandapam (Portion) and (4) the Front Entrance steps with two rooms and a hall underneath the steps.

Shripada Mandapam:- This square lobby comprises of (1) Garbha Graham i.e., (Sanctum Sanctorum) (2) the Inner Prakaram (3) the Outer Prakaram and (4) the Outer Platform all around. Both the Mandapams are designed to the point that the vision of Swamiji in the statue would be seen immediate towards the Shripadam. Visting Hours -8 AM To 4 PM. Extra charge - Rs 20 . Ship Fee Rs 34 for grown-up .and Rs 17 for learners.


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