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Intelligent Optical Dual Heat Detector is extremely reliable for application in places where may have high dust levels or smoky environments, making a normal smoke detector unsuitable , for example boiler/plant room, car sparks, kitchen, loading bays, furnace/kiln rooms. Meet the sensitivity requirement of UL 521 Standard for Heat Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling System. Aesthetically pleasing with a low profile design, unobtrusive to complement modern building designs. Using the thermistor sensor,the unit incorporates an intelligent processor that provides Algorithm map, Built-in A/D converter, Drift compensation, Self Diagnosis and history log. Secure and speedy communication through the on board processor enables the detector to make its own decision, resulting in greater automation. The sensor and the panels utilized fuzzy logic providing an almost limitless cause and effect scenarios. Electronic addressing can be done through Hand held Programming device (P-9910B), purchased separately. Features and Benefits: Dual fixed temperature heat detector. Combining both fixed temperature and rate of rise heat detection in a single sensor. As standard the fixed temperature is set to 135ºF (57ºC) while the rate of rise is set to 150ºF (8.3ºC) in one minute.Built in 8 bit microprocessor Algorithm maps for false alarm rejection Analogue sensing Secure and speedy communication Self diagnosis and history log Electronically addressed Twin LED for 360º vision Low profile design

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