Church Program Live on Internet or web Marthandam.

We are professional Data center specialist in nagercoil, our data centers are world class quality center like go-daddy, liquid web, server-host etc...

we have configured 10 numbers of server world wide... and we are successfully having 4 dedicated servers world wide. as a part of server we have streaming server as well.

Powerful Microsoft windows server OS and Flash Media server installed in our dedicated server, it can manage 1000 viewers at once to handle the bandwidth sharing.

Very few of people have this technology in Nagercoil or Tamilnadu, we have lot of partners to run successful this business.

For Live Streaming

Call or Contact at below address
C/O Genuinesoft
St. Hindu College Road,
Chettikulam Junction,
Kanyakumar District

 PH: 04652-404000, 9043110224


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