Something like 43 km. from Nagercoil this dam has been built. This dam in Kalkulam Taluk, was assembled amid the times of the Maharaja Sri Moolam Thirunal over the waterway Kodayar. The development of the dam was outlined on the example of the Periyar dam in the Madurai region. The length of the dam is 425.1 mts. It has a catchment region of 204.8 There is a camp shed gave at the dam side to the guests. The climate is extremely average and consequently draws in a substantial number of travelers.

The repository is encompassed by thick timberlands which are popular for their profitable trees and rich would life, for example, tiger, elephants, deer and so on. A slope tribe, little in number known as "Kanikars" stay in the thick woodlands around the lake.


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