St.xavier an exceptional and committed cleric went by the seaside territories of Tamil Nadu from Goa, he never missed the chance of going to Kottar in Kanniyakumari area which was a praised business focus around then. Amid his stay at Kottar, he used to love St. Mary in the little sanctuary. He was prevalently known as "Valiya Pandaram" among the populace of Kottar. While he was at Kottar, he deflected the attack of Padagas on the populace of Venad which was increased in value by the lord, who got to be closer to the Priest. In distinguishment of Xavier's administrations, the ruler dispensed an area to him with the end goal of building a catholic church at Kottar. There was at that point a congregation in 1544 in the same spot, where the St. Xavier's congregation stands now.

The congregation records demonstrate that the congregation was inherent the year 1600 A.d. In the year 1865, the Church was extended and the hallowed place of our woman was likewise revamped and vaulted over. In 1930, the congregation was raised to the status of a Cathedral.

In 1942, in recognition of the fourth century of the landing of St.xavier in India, a wonderful tower to the paragon of piety, a cavern to Out Blessed Mother and a little sanctuary to St.ignatius who sent him to India were built in the Cathedral premises. In 1955, the congregation was further broadened and the sanctuary of Our Lady was fused into the extended church.

The Church of St. Xavier appreciates an incredible notoriety as a position of inexplicable occurrences from right on time times. The yearly celebration is commended amid the month of November December enduring for 10 days.


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