Suchindrum is a little town something like 12 km. from Kanyakumari and something like seven kilometers from Nagercoil. This blessed spot is found on the bank of the stream Pazhayar, bordering rich fields and coconut forests and the sanctuary is devoted to Sri Sthanumalayan. The saying indicates Siva, Vishnu and Brahma as. Sthanu speaks to Siva, Mal speaks to Vishnu while Ayan speaks to Brahma i.e. Siva, Vishnu and Brahma in "One Form".

Content Box:suchindrum implies the spot where Indra achieved "Suchi" i.e., purging. The Sthalapurana has it that Indra experienced a condemnation sage Gowthama, when he stealthily cast loving looks at Ahalya the wife of Gowthama. Not ready to endure the humiliation realized by the condemnation. Indra needed to look for quick recovery. He came to 'Gnana Aranya' as this spot was then called and offered love to Lord Shiva. Alleviating Indra of his condemnation, Lord Shiva allowed him of his wish that the spot where he achieved purging ought to hereafter be called 'Suchindrum'.

An alternate story goes to say that the Trimurthys i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, coaxed by their celestial partners descended to the earth to test the chastity of Anusuya, wife of sage Athri at Gnana Aranya. The Gods for this misfortune needed to endure a surse structure the Rishipatni and to experience the filtration process, before they could be restored to their previous magnificence.

It is said that Thanumalaya Swamy sanctuary is the main holy place devoted to the Trinity in India. The present structure of the sanctuary is the work of various persons spread over various hundreds of years. It is a mind boggling of numerous lovely structures developed at different times and is one of the best examples and a storage facility of the Dravidian style of craft and building design.

Going by Hours : From 04.00 AM to 11.45 AM and 05.00 P.m to 08.00 PM


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