Kanyakumari infers its name from Goddess Kanyakumari Amman, the managing god of the region. The most unmistakable sanctuary, the Kumari Amman, is devoted to the goddess Parvathi as a virgin. The sanctuary arranged at the edge of the sea for Goddess Kanyakumari has the incredible record that once Banusura, the evil presence lord got amazingness over Devas and distributed remorseless discipline to them. The Devas performed a Yagna arguing to demolish the disasters. Goddess Parasakthi came to Kumari as a virgin young lady and started her compensation. In the mean time Lord Shiva fell head over heels in love for her and game plans for the marriage were made in the midnight a specific day. Presently the Devine sage Narada understood that their marriage would decimate the shots of destroying Banusura on the grounds that he could be murdered just by a virgin. At the point when Lord Shiva was en route to Kanyakumari from Suchindrum at Valukkamparai 5 kms south of Suchindram, Sage Narada accepted the type of a rooster and crowed dishonestly proclaiming the break of sunrise. Imagining that the promising time for the marriage was past, Lord Shiva returned baffled. The Goddess excessively chose to stay virgin after that. At that point, when Banusura endeavored to win the Goddess by power, she executed him with her Chakragudha, and calmed the agony s of Devas. At that point she continued her retribution and stayed virgin. The contact phone number of Devesthanam office, Bagavathiamman Temple is 04652-246223. Timings from 4.30 AM to 12.15 PM & 4.pm to 8.15 PM. Yearly Festivals are Car celebration (May/ June) and Navaratri (Nine Days) Festival (September/ October


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