The fortification was remade in the rule of Marthandavarma, the Venad King, amid 1741-44. Under the supervision of De Lannoy, the Belgian General, who served as the Chief of the Travancore armed force; East India Company's troops were positioned there work the center of the nineteenth century. Foundry for the production of firearms, mortars and gun balls were likewise settled inside the stronghold under the supervision of the General.

In the good 'ol days, the fortress was of vital imperativeness. Detainees caught in the crusade against Tippu were restricted in this stronghold for at some point. It is further said that a metal firearm 16 ft. since quite a while ago exhausted as a 22 consider, found in the stronghold couldn't be uprooted actually for a couple of yards by a substantial number of individuals, even with the assistance of 16 elephants.

A town has come up before the fortification. The individuals who live here, are generally agriculturists. A couple of them are occupied with exchange. Earthenware making is the boss Industry among a segment of the individuals. Presently, the District Administration, with the assistance of Forest Department has set up a Biodiversity Park here. Visitors can see deer, ducks, wellsprings, winged creatures and in excess of 100 mixed bags of trees inside the stronghold.


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